Body Math is very proud to announce its grand opening in Albuquerque, New Mexico on September 1, 2018.

What IS Body Math?

We are a business that helps people better know their own bodies and their own health. Whole-body DEXA scanning is one of our main services. DEXA is a special type of low-dose X-Ray that can perform stunningly accurate body fat analysis. At Body Math, we employ General Electric's top of the line Lunar iDexaPro scanner to perform world class body fat testing for our customers.

DEXA is the test used by professional athletes and sports teams and by Olympic athletes. DEXA is vastly more accurate than any other type of body composition test.


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DEXA scanning is quick, easy and painless.

A DEXA whole-body scan only takes about ten minutes. Clients lie back and relax while a scanner-arm slowly moves from head to toe generating amazing and powerful images and information. No changing your clothes, no pain, nothing. Just ten minutes. That's how DEXA scanning works.

While DEXA scans rely on X-rays to see inside the body, the total radiation dose from a DEXA scan is extremely low, about the same dose as you would receive eating three bananas (which are ever-so-slightly radioactive).

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What DEXA Shows

DEXA whole body scans show amazing images of our body. DEXA software processes these images to give an incredibly precise measure of body fat percentage. DEXA whole-body scans give better body fat data than any other test. ANY. Dexa beats them all.

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The Gold Standard in Body-Fat Testing

From professional and Olympic athletes to those of us who are just trying to lose a little weight, DEXA is a test like no other. DEXA shows us the inside of ourself-literally. It measures exactly how much fat we have and it tells us exactly where it is located.

When we check our weight on a scale, we are really just guessing about our body fat. Scales measure everything from body water to bone and muscle and lumps them all together with fat.

Even expensive body composition tests like bioelectric impedance and the Bod Pod aren't as good as DEXA. If you really want to know the truth about your body, you need a DEXA scan.

DEXA scanning is what we do. Call us now or set an appointment here online.


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