Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Is DEXA the Same Thing as an X-Ray?

No. DXA scans examine how tissues in our body interact with X-Rays but do not give a traditional X-Ray view. Instead, we get a vividly colored snap-shot of our whole body showing fat in yellow, lean in red and bone in blue. The DEXA computer uses this information to render a super-precise estimate of our true body fat percentage.

What does DEXA Show?

DEXA is the world's most accurate way to measure exact levels of body fat. It also shows muscle mass and other related parameters.

Who Might Want a DEXA Scan?

DEXA has been the gold standard measure of body composition for professional athletic teams and athletes for years. In these settings it is used to carefully measure an athlete's progress with a training regimen or change in diet. DEXA can spot very tiny changes to body composition that would never show up with any other technique.

Serious amateur athletes likewise are able to closely track their progress using DEXA. Finally, DEXA is a fantastic tool for weight loss since it can show tiny changes in body fat levels. DEXA is also the only way to find people who suffer the 'TOFI' syndrome. TOFI stands for thin outside, fat inside and DEXA can diagnose it.

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