Full-Body DEXA Scanning

Full-body DEXA scans are our flagship service.

Whole-Body 3-D Optical Photogrammetry

This is a whole body scan using a specialized camera and mount that creates a perfect 3 dimensional reproduction of your whole body.

Resting Metabolic Rate and VO2-MAX

Using equipment that carefully measures your body's output of carbon dioxide, we can gain a very accurate measure of your resting metabolic rate.

Pounds aren't good enough

You can check your weight on any scale. But what does it mean? How much of you is fat? What about muscle?  You cannot know. Until now.

The World's Most Accurate Body Fat Tester

DXA (or DEXA) is a very specialized type of whole body scan that gives incredibly accurate information about of the composition of our bodies. That's because with DXA, we can see inside the body. DXA is a type of very low dose X-Ray scan that allows doctors and scientists to measure body composition with certainty and with precision.

DXA is the worldwide 'gold standard' for body composition testing. DXA is used by Olympic athletes and professional sport teams to track parameters like body muscle and body fat.

Schedule your DXA Scan Right Now

Maybe you are starting an exercise program. Maybe you are losing weight. Maybe you just want to know your body better. Whatever your interest, we are here to help.