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A Dream Deferred

Body Math was something I had always dreamed of: An enterprise devoted to DEXA scanning. If that sounds a little weird, well we all have our peculiarities. At any rate,, in 2019 it finally happened. The company was born, the equipment was purchased and our 2020 rollout was all set.

And then...

Well, you know what happened in 2020 and all of a sudden, there were far greater issues than my little business. Instead of a grand opening, Body Math was put on ice. Our brand new General Electric Lunar iDXA Pro sat idle for three years while we all grappled with a disease that was killing millions. And rightly so. In the grand scheme of things, DEXA body composition scanning was not an immediate priority.

But things change and even great pandemics eventually simmer down and life moves on towards some new state that we eventually call 'normal'. So here we are. It is 2023 and I am ready to bring Body Math back to life.

And that is about all I have to say at the moment. We are hard at work getting the business running and putting out the word. Time will tell. At any rate, thank you for taking the time to visit our website and feel free to call on us if we might be able to help you in way.

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